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    HY - 128 HY - 127 series of epoxy resin is a low molecular weight, colorless transparent and low viscosity liquid bisphenol-A type epoxy resin which are widely used in coatings, adhesives, electronic etc.With the advantage of colorless transparent , low viscosity and imputrescibility,the products are widely used in automotive, floor, corrosion, less solvent or solvent-free coatings field.

    At the same time,the products have excellent electrical insulation and perfectly used in electronic potting and electrical casting. Among the composite materials.the products can be combined with glass fibre products.Combined with carbon fiber,we can produce epoxy carbon fiber products which is used in making rod ,racket, auto parts and motorcycle accessories.

    Products:Bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin

    exterior appearanceEpoxy equivalent (g/eq)Volatiles(%)≤ 150 ℃ 40mininorganic chlorine value Eq/100g(mg/Kg)≤hydrolysable chlorine value (mg/Kg) ≤color(Pt-Co color)APHA≤Viscosity(mPa.s/ 25 ℃ )

    density(g/cm3) 25 ℃

    pure, transparency liquid0.530-0.550

    Package:20kg/drum, 220kg/drum, 225kg/drum

    Enterprise Standard:Q/320582HYH 01-2009