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    E-42 type epoxy resin has a good flexible and impact resistance which is widely used in steel structure ships, tanks and pipe lining anticorrosive coatings industry etc

    Products:Bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin 


    exterior appearance


    Epoxy equivalent (g/eq)Volatiles(%)≤ 150 ℃ 40mininorganic chlorine value Eq/100g(mg/Kg)≤

    hydrolysable chlorine value (mg/Kg) ≤

    color(Pt-Co color)APHA≤

    softening point, ℃

    solidified time under 200℃

    solidified time under 120℃

    Type Ⅰ

    pure, transparency liquid


    0.400-0.430 (233-250)


    103003021-27depends on agreementDepends on the clinet
    Type Ⅱ

    0.400-0.430 (233-250)


    Package:20kg/drum, 220kg/drum, 225kg/drum

    Enterprise Standard:Q/320582HYH01-2009