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    E-39-D type epoxy resin is liquid thermal curing temperature casting resin system which mainly used for good mechanical properties of casting parts,and also used for pouring pieces such as insulator transformer etc.

    Prosucts:Bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin


    exterior appearance

    Epoxy equivalent (g/eq)Volatiles(%)≤ 150 ℃ 40mininorganic chlorine value Eq/100g(mg/Kg)≤

    hydrolysable chlorine value (mg/Kg) ≤


    color(Pt-Co color)APHA≤


    softening point, ℃


    solidified time(min)

    solidified time (min) 


    pure, transparency liquid, no obvious impurity

    0.390-0.420 (238-256)

    0.2103003025-32≥180Depends on the clinet
    Type Ⅱ

    0.390-0.420 (238-256)


    Package:20kg/drum, 220kg/drum, 225kg/drum

    Enterprise Standard:Q/320582HYH 01-2009