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    1.High purity, shallow color: can be directly made of all sorts of epoxy resin products with different colors,
    2.Low viscosity: the technology of casting, potting, dipping is good, can be added into a lot of filling agen while casting to make condensate better.
    3.Stable performance, low freezing point ,long using time, long-term storage under room temperature, facilitate pipeline transportation, being helpful for automated production and being adapted in cold area.
    4.Small volatile: low toxicity and small heating losses, toxicity is only accounted for twelfth to fortieth of polyamine and have small irritation to human eyes and skin .
    5.Good mutual tolerance: our product can be collocated with all kinds of epoxy resin, low mixed viscosity, low shrinkage and exothermic effect of heating and curing.

    Main application:
    Used for epoxy resin curing agent, solvent-free paint ,pressure layer board ,epoxy adhesives etc.With long-term storage under room temperature, low freezing point, small volatile and low toxicity,the products are widely used in motor ,dry type transformer, high-tension switch, mutual inductor,lineoutputtransformer, home appliance capacitance, electric power capacitor resistance, macerate,pouring and winding of integrate circuit.

    Specifications are: 

    exterior appearanceacid(mgKOH/g)Anhydride group content%≥Crystallization point ℃<Viscosity(25℃) pa.s <Heating loss% (120℃)<density(20℃) g/cm3color APHA<
    Light yellow660-68540-±0.05300#

    Package and transportation:25kg/plastic drum,This product must be moistureproof,fireproofing and waterproof in transportation,stored in dry and ventilated warehouse.