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    HY-050 contains active gene of organic compounds and can response to epoxy resin and curing agent, make body crosslinking increasing proportion of flexible network, so as to improve the flexibility of the high curing epoxy, reduce stress, therefore, in epoxy resin casting material added amount toughening reagent, can make casting parts of cracking resistance and resistance of temperature properties.  

    Main application:
    Widely used in making power equipment such as large and medium dry type transformer, mutual inductor and high-tension switch etc,and insulation potting of electronic devices,also made in the producing of epoxy resin without solvent paint ,drop leaching paint

    Specifications are:

     exterior appearance

    color(Pt-Co color)APHA≤

    densityg/cm3,25℃Flash point℃ ≤acid(mgKOH/g)acid(mgKOH/g)Hydroxyl value
    ( mgKOH/g )
    Heating loss,%,120℃,≤
    HY-050Light yellow to yellow transparent liquid4001.16± 260±203

    Package:20kg/drum, 220kg/drum, 225kg/drum