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    Our management principle is the based on shared human values and cooperation, we have many first-class specialists and professional managers from home and abroad. We have a fast system with constant development: competitive salaries, comprehensive social security, welfare, training and excellent chance for career development.

    We pay high attention to training and education of our employees to improve their understanding, skills, overall confidence, communication and competence. All these measures promote the employees to grow together with the company providing a stable and secure production site.

    Now the competition between companies actually is the competition between the individuals within the companies. The ability of the person is based on constant study, training incorporating theory and practice.

    The company dedication towards the improvement of the understanding of quality from within the management team, the skills of our specialist technicians, the knowledge and experience of the production operators ensures the constant gain for the overall company, providing for the bright future for the company and employees' alike.

    Each employee has a file for training records, which records all the training of the employee and also the registration of the employee's improvements and promotion.

    The company also has the responsibility for social development and progress on its shoulders. The training provided by the company will improve the quality and competence of the employee. This is one of the measurements that ensures ZTC maintains it's modern style and outlook.