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    Hengye is dedicated to provide high value-added products , assuring to provide high quality products and world-class customer service.

    Hengye is an international sales and customer service organizations which supports fund and a high level of technical support and solutions to customers around the world.

    Professional counseling
    We provide funds , counseling information of all products and professional opinions to comply with customers’ need according to their demands for reasonable selection of products.

    Development Specific products

    According to the specific needs of customers’ products, we provide products development program to meet customers’ needs ensuring our customer resolve all kinds of issues efficiently.

    Physical samples show

    Cater to the needs of our customers, we will provide physical samples besides our market personnel recommends.

    Marketing channel construction

    Fllowing market discipline,implementing the WIN-WIN policy between the manufactures with direct selling and agency.

    Service strategy
    To achieve standardization of professional services and innovation by upgrading the standard of service management; analyzing the changes in the consumer market, timely grasp the market dynamics.